Lion's Roar!

   Ashta Bija MuKti


     子拳 天王

  "8-Seed Fists Ruling Deities"


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         Simhanada Ashta Bija Mushti Deva Raja's :

              "Lion's Roar! 8-Seed Fists Ruling Deities"

The 8 Seed Fists of Lion's Roar!, each have Tantric deities associated with their form, practice and function (Namarupa).  These deities are all Hindu in origin, although taken over into Buddhist practices, and may be used according to initiation and ritual as Yidams, or Dharmapalas (in Tantric Buddhist practice) or, directly as Sanatana Dharama deities in Hindu orientated practice - of the Lion's Roar! Martial Art.

The Yidam is usually taken from the Lineage Guru's of PAST GENERATIONS and not one known personally to the adept.  The Guardian (Dharmapalas) is one who 'rules' the particular seed.

Lion's Roar! is a very powerful Tantric discipline, and careful initiation and guidance is required from the Root Guru before the Seeds may be empowered to their Deva-Raja (Ruling Deities).

Below, the Seeds have their Han Chinese names, and then their ruling deities. See link: The 8-Seed Fists in Sanskrit for the Sanskrit names for the 8-Seed Fists.  Note also link: Chune-Choi The Raja-Bija of Lion's Roar for the Seed of Seeds in Lion's Roar! Tantric Martial Arts.

子 拳 天王

8-Seed Fists Ruling Deities: 

The 8-Seeds are the CORE part of the Simhanada Ashtanga Yoga (the Lion's Roar! 8) see link: Octave Theory Lions Roar-8  the Ashtanga Yoga being a representation of the Buddhadharma's 8-Fold Path of Libertaion:


1-3: Chune-Pow-Cup -穿搥 炮搥 踩搥 'Triratna' 末尼(The Three Jewels) INDRA the Vajra-Fist金剛拳 (Mukti) 解脫 see link: The 3 Jeweled Fist in Sanskrit  Chune Choi 穿搥 (Han) is the Thunderbolt of Indra, as well as the Buddha's penetration of illusion. Pow-Choi 炮搥 and Cup-Choi 踩搥 are considered as 'Indra's also, and as the 'Three Jewels' make up the Buddha Dharma and Sangha Fists respectively, whilst in Tantric Empowered Form also represent Guru , Yidam  祕密 and Dharmapalas 監護人

4. Deng Choi: 釘搥 KRISHNA - as in Krishna's Mace -also as 'Kali' as Krishna says that HIS Mace is Kali (in the Krishna Upanishad)  - and is unstoppable - it 'destroys' as Kali is the Destroyer.  Krishna is also Master of the Antarala (the Bardo) spaces. 

5.  Bin Choi: 鞭搥 HANUMAN - Famous for back-fist/hand strikes. Hanuman is also the Patron of Indian Grapplers.  Hanuman is the Human-Monkey theriomorph - the next 'Manu' (first man, or 'Adam Kadmoun' - the protoanthropos.  He is fearless and appears as Vajrakaya (Diamond Body) Hanuman in his warrior form. The Back-Fist/Hand strike is the signature of the 'Ape' totem division of the Tibetan Lion's Roar! as Hanuman became associated with the Tibetan Ape (Gibbon) as 'Father' of the Tibetan Nation and People (Tibetan "Ape" now either a Tibetan Macaque monkey, or a Hanuman Langur - possibly a Gibbon via Nepal and/or China)

6. Sar-Jong Choi: 撞搥 AGNI The 'Fire-God' one of the original Vedic deities (with Indra). Agni's Animal-Vehicle is the Ram.  The crashing double uppercut is the Fire of Agni.  Sar-Jong-Choi, rises straight up like a pillar of fire.

7. Pec-Choi:  劈搥 PARASHURAMA 'Rama with the Battle-Axe' - Parashurama is the 6th Avatar of Vishnu - the Axe-Cut is his strike. Parashurama embodies the ferocity of the Lion's Roar! martial spirit.

8. Tow-Choi: 頭搥 CHINNAMASTA (Aspect of Kali) 'The Decaptitation' Cut/Strike. Goddess Chinnamasta embodies Tow-Choi, it is 'her' Strike

       Om Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha Hum