Hakka- Mantis Kung-Fu

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                              Basic Mantis San-Sau Strikes 

                                          And Sequences 

                                                   copyright 1999 Steve Richards


Sequence 1: Triple hit off single bridge attack


1: Finger strike to brachial plexus (nerve bundle)

2:  "Collapsing" edge of hand strike to clavicle (collar bone)

3: Elbow strike to the "Breath Blocking" point on the 

lateral margin of the ribs

Sequence 2: Sternum compressing palmar strike


   1: "Relaxed" preparatory engagement


   2: "Collapsing" whole-body ging impact, compressing the

  sternum against the heart

  Sequence 3: Phoenix-Eye "insertion punch"


1: Phoenix-eye fist 'inserted' into the illiac crest of the hip to intercept 

a kick at close contact range: Note the simultaneous arm bridge 

engagement at the elbow.

Sequence 4: Phoenix-Eye strike to the tendons of the wrist


Sequence 5: Phoenix-eye strike to the biceps muscle


Sequence 6: Ginger Fist strike to the acromion process of the shoulder

  (articulation between the clavicle and the scapula)


Sequence 7: Ginger Fist strike to the radial nerve at the wrist


Sequence 8: Phoenix-Eye strike to the biceps (uppercut)


Sequence 9: Phoenix-Eye strike to the base of the ear


Sequence 10: 'Ramming' Ginger Fist strike over the guard - Taking the elbow out with a 'slot-in' compression using the fore-arm


2: Opposite side view, showing impact against the strap muscles of the neck

compressing them against the underlying nerve and blood vessels. Note the

impeding palm edge engagement against the elbow of the 

opponents other arm


Sequence 11: Center-line crossing phoenix-eye strike to the 

acromion process of the shoulder whilst parrying an opposite sided punch


2:Opposite side view showing the parry covering against 

a hook - head and jaw tucked in for added protection


Sequence 12: Basic "Stance-Ram"


Sequence 13: "Flow-sequence" with interface against 

boxers style posture leading to neck-break techniques


 1: slicing block against the elbow to impede an uppercut, 

with simultaneous grab and thrust against the other arm bridge.


2: Opponent pivots up and around for a head-shot hook punch.


3: Moving forward to 'slot-in' to the orbit of the punchers 

shoulder - displacing him

upwards and outwards


4: applying equal and opposite rotational forces through the

 opponents neck, shaking the brain and straining the 

cervical vertebrae


5: the palms convert into a neck brace


6: switching to a neck pivoting left bridge with a simultaneous shoulder inhibiting compression


7: Finally, the turning bridge switches to a shoulder press and the right hand arcs in

 as a phoenix-eye strike to the throat

Sequence 14: slipping a straight punch and striking the bones on the

back of the hand with a phoenix-eye strike


Sequence 15: finger strike to the eyes with palm control to the

opponents upper arm bridge


Sequence 16: Double ginger fist strike to wrist & biceps