Chune-Choi  or 'Antarala Chinnati'

             The Raja-Bija

The 'Ruling Seed' of The   

Lion's Roar! Martial Art

   Han: 獅子吼子 拳



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The Lion's Roar! Martial Art is famous for its Octave (8) theory - which is derived from Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) and Tantric Buddhism Octave Theory Lions Roar-8 - The Simhanada Ashtanga Yoga.

In Buddhist Tantra specifically, the root of the theory is the Noble 8-Fold Path of Liberation - the path to salvation as transmitted in the Buddha-Dharma. 

The Lion's Roar! Martial Art has 8 Seed Fists, as well as 8 'hands', grips, finger-strikes, kicks, knees etc.  Of these, the 8-Seed Fists form the core 'Ashta-Bija' (Sanksrit) or 8-Seeds.  Within these 8, the Three Jewel Fists or 'Tri-Ratna-Mukti' (Sanskrit) represent Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and then later, Guru, Yidam and Dharmapalas.  Three Jewel Seed Fists: Sanskrit  The 8-Seed Fists in Sanskrit

Of these three, at the very Heart of the Art's embodiment, is the Raja-Bija-Mukti - the 'Ruling Seed Fist' called in Han-Chinese (Cantonese) Chune-Choi - "penetrating right thru--punch"  In Tantra: the 'Space Penetrating Cut', that 'Weaves The Thread' (of Tantra)

Chune-Choi and its Ging :

穿搥 Chune-Choi

穿勁 Chune-Ging

as  Han terms, are derived from the Sanskrit 'Antarala-Chinnati', and from the Tibetan: 'Bardo-Chod' See Links: Chune in Tibetan The Bardo Warriors  . It is unique in martial arts, its physical form delivers the quintessence of the Lion's Roar! Art, and of Tantra itself.    It is INDRA's Diamond Thunderbolt Fist:


Provided that the Seed Fist is performed correctly, all x4 Tantric Sakti's (Han: 'Gings') will be present, and all four Kaya's (Sanskrit) 'bodies'. 

The Lion's Roar! non-martial Tantra, according to the Tibetan Lama Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, uses raw emotions and instincts as fuel exactly as in the Lion's Roar! Martial-Tantra. He describes it as an 'alchemical' transmutation process, and also outlines the relationship of the Lion's Roar to 'space' - as in the 'Bardo' concept (Tibetan) or Antarala (Sanskrit) See Link: Chogyam Trungpa

Indra with his Vajra

The attitude of fearlessness, and of 'having no back' only forward action - with every direction being forwards, is also key in Lion's

Roar! Tantric Martial Arts.  This is 'embodied' in the Raja-Bija  Punch 'Chune-Choi' (Han-Cantonese) with its whole body Ging's (Sanskrit: Sakti's) and 'forward projecting energy both to the front and back - as in all being outward and 'forward' even with the 'circular' Bin-Choi (Whip Punch) to the rear at the same time as the straight punch to the front .  So, in Chune-Choi, the Bardo-Space is penetrated fearlessly in all directions, equally, as if all actions are forwards, and with no back.

Esoterically, 'space' (the Bardo Field) folds around on itself so that there is only one direction forwards.  The circular action in the Chune-Choi (the to the 'rear' Bin-Choi) describes an encompassing circle, a Mandala which contains all-space, and within which all Bardo's are to be found.  The Straight punch that moves directly forwards, is the Space-Penetrating Cut (Chune-Choi, Bardo-Chod, Antarala-Chinnati) that comes both  from the center of the Bardo-Field, and penetrates it. 

This single Ruling Seed Fist, thus contains the esoteric elements of Tantric Lion's Roar! and links all Tantric Martial Sakti's and Kaya's and the Four Planes of Movement.

Chune in Cantonese, also means to 'thread'.  Tantra, in Sanskrit, is to 'weave a thread'.  To weave Chune, is to create the Tantra of Simhanada Vajramukti.  This is why Chune-Choi is the ruling-seed of the Lion's Roar! Tantra-Yana.   ONLY if this is understood, is the Art Lion's Roar!   If not... then it can certainly be a branch division of the Root Art, but, minus its Tantric heart.  Without Tantra the Art is NOT Lion's Roar!  Without a true understanding of Chune-Choi, and without its proper entrainment, then there is no Tantra.

The Seed motion: Chune-Choi is about 'penetration' and is manifestly 'phallic'. The encompassing circle at the back is the testes, and the 'thrusting' penetrative action at the front is the penis.... symbolically.

In Tantra, "consumption of the body" is often linked to sexual union and climax. The 'Yab-Yum dyad symbolizing union is overtly sexual in its symbolism

Adepts "penetrate" (Chune) as in shattering their outer image, as a false illusion of 'self' (atman)

Ultimately, Chune, is ego-penetration, not sexual, but right thru the falsehoods and fictions accumulated by our sense of ego (atman). This penetration is necessary in order to liberate mind and to attain Bodhicitta.

If we do not utilize passions, we cannot 'consume' the body by its maximal use as 'fuel'. Some remnants of energy will be dissociated, and autonomous, so that they can 'delude' the ego with their valent energies, and attachments.

In the Lion's Roar! Siddhi-Tradition of Tantrayana, the passions of rage and sexuality are utilized and transformed as fuel, thru maximal use (consumption) of the body, it is a kinetic 'Chod' ritual and meditation. 

Chune-Choi is the SEED,  it is Indra's Thunderbolt of Vajrayana.


This is the first step in understanding.