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                "Chune" in Tibetan

Bardo Chod:

Chune (Han) 'Space Pentetrating Cut', 'To Weave a Thread'.

Bardo - interval, in-between time, in-between space
Chod  (pronounced 'Cho') - Cutting Severance.

Chune is THE seed action and seed principle. It links all the Sakti's (Sanskrit-for 'Ging's' - Cantonese), kaya's (Sanskrit for 'Body's) and Resha's (Sanskrit for 'Lines')

Chune is the action of the Arhat in the Antarala (Bardo).  Chune-Choi (Tibetan: Bardo-Chod) is the first Dharma-Mukti Gate to 'Skillful Means' (Upaya) a Cutting-severance with the illusion of personal ego, penetration to the truth, a Kinetic Meditation, and developer of the Tantric Sakti's.  Cutting-Severance with the body thru action (Karma).

Chune in Cantonese, also means to 'thread'.  Tantra, in Sanskrit, is to 'weave a thread'.  To weave Chune, is to create the Tantra of Simhanada Vajramukti.  This is why Chune-Choi is the ruling-seed of the Lion's Roar! Tantra-Yana. ONLY if this is understood, is the Art Lion's Roar!   If not... then it can certainly be a branch division of the Root Art, but, minus its Tantric heart.  Without Tantra the Art is NOT Lion's Roar!  Without a true understanding of Chune-Choi, and without its proper entrainment, then there is no Tantra.


        Om Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha Hum