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 Opening sequence for "Tau-Dar" (Stealing The Attack) Form:

 'Bodhissattva' (Buddhist Saint) Worshiping The Buddha'


 "Running Bear Walk" with consecutive 360 degree 

  Pau-Choi (cannon punches)

  From "Tau-Dar" Lion's Roar Form


  "Rising Crane" Stance

  From Lion's Roar Form: "Lau-Sing-Dar"  (Shooting-Star Attack)


  "Double Tiger Claw" in Standard Cat Stance: note midline angling

 From Lion's Roar Form: "Tsut-Sing Dar" (Seven Star Attack)


 "Diu-Sau" (bird-Hand) movement from Lion's Roar Form: "Tau-Dar"

Note the twisting stance and waist with the Rt arm extending off the apex of the turn


"Hok-Choi" (Crane Cut) from;Lion's Roar Form: "Tau-Dar" (Stealing The Attack Set)


 "Running Bear Walk" with consecutive Fook-Choi (Straight/Reverse Punches)

  From "Tau-Dar" Lion's Roar Form


 "Chune-Choi" (Space Penetrating Cut)

 From: "Sei-Lo-Fun-Dar" (Four Way - Separate Attack) Lion's Roar Form

Note the simultaneous twist on the stance and waist in concert with a straight punch off the hip and a whipping back-fist to the rear