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These sequences are NOT illustrations of 'street-reality' techniques, but of the basic entrainment structures in Indo-Tibetan Lion's Roar! Martial Arts.   It is from these kind of structures that 'San-Sau' specific to the system may be derived.


Sequence 3: Hook & back-fist combination with arm & leg

                     bridge traps and muscle pressure point strike

(3:1) Attacker in right free-style/street fighting stance. Defender in Lion’s Roar stretched cat stance with Lama ‘gun-sight’ guard hand.

(3:2)  Attacker steps in with straight right ‘blast’.

Defender evades (sim) and then intercepts (jeet) with a hooking right leg trap (back-bow stance) – simultaneously trapping the attackers punch with his left hand. The defenders right fist hooks through the attackers jaw and follows through into and beyond the attackers right shoulder: a potential ‘knockout’ punch that also spins the attackers centreline by disrupting the geometry of his shoulder to body alignment












(3:3) The defenders punch arcs on and thru pulling the attackers arm down and away through the elbow joint. Note how the defenders right elbow engages the attackers right arm against the biceps muscle – giving extra torque for the turning forces and acting as a pressure point hit against the twin heads of the biceps muscle compartment











(3:4)  The defender turns into the attackers centre of balance – disrupting the stability of his knee joint. Simultaneously, the defender keeps the hand trap engaged and converts  the hook punch to an arcing back-fist











(3:5) On completion of the back-fist arc, the defender is in a forward stance – with full bodyweight having been projected through the strike (chon). The defenders trapping left hand disengages at the mid point of the back-fist arc and fires forward as a palm edge strike (chune). The defenders rear hand is positioned for Pau-Choi (cannon fist) continuations and his stance facilitates kicking options as may be required (lin).


Sequence 4: Dart kick (Biu-Tui) to arm pit against lead punch

  (4:1) Attacker (L) in high kick-boxing guard. Defender (R ) in Lion’s Roar stance.


  (4:3) Attacker uses right lunge punch. Defender engages on the attackers wrist and raises the ‘floating foot’ of the lead cat stance leg.



  (4:4) Showing the impact of the ‘dart’ under the armpit – rocking the attacker back.