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         U.S. Lama Kung-Fu Association

           Si-Fu David A. Ross 

           Lama Kung-Fu Grandmaster 

        Chan-Tai-San's Pai

                  (Wong-Lum-Hoi - Jyu Chyuhn Lineage)

         New York City

       Gallery - 3

Si-Fu David A. Ross Senior Disciple of Lama Grandmaster Chan-Tai-San kindly supplied these  images to his Friend Si-Fu Steve Richards: (C) David A. Ross 2002 All Rights Reserved.  

Special Thanks And Respect To Grandmaster Chan And The U.S. Lama Kung-Fu Pai.



Grandmaster Chan Tai San, Si-Fu David Ross and two of his training brothers with White
Crane Sifu Leung Kwan of San Fracisco, CA, USA and his students.


         Si-Fu David Ross doing "Neih Lahk Sau" or Maitreya on guard position


                             Grand-Master Chan Tai San pics

                           3 of tiger fork (Faht Ga Dai Pah set)

                        1 of him doing Chi Kung in mainland China