Gam-Gong Sei-Lo Fun-Dar


                                          Empowered as:

  Gam-Gong Sei-Tian-Wong



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    Simhanada Natavajra

       Mantra Abisheka:

                   Om Nataraja Darmapala Hum

                       Om Catur Devaraja Hum

                         Om Mane Padme Hum

Gam-Gong Sei-Lo Fun-Dar 金剛四方 Diamond Thunderbolt, Four-Direction Separate Attack, is the second Set that Students of the Simhanada Vajramukti (Lion's Roar!) Ashram Sangha study.

The Set is 'Tantric' in that it carries both physical Rupa and transcendent Nama, as well as specific Pranja-Yoga (Chi-Gung) practices, Mudra's, Salutations and Meditations.

It has its Tantric Empowerments and Dedications, transmitted From Guru to Chela, these being focused on Lord Shiva as Nata-Raja (Ruler of Forms) Charasamvara (Supreme Bliiss Of The Wheel), Mahakala, and, the Catur-Deva Raja's (Sanskrit) - the Buddhist Guardians of the Four Directions 四天王 And from this the Set derives its Tantric Empowered Name 金剛四天王 (Gam-Gong Sei-Tian Wong) "Diamond Thunderbolt Four Heavenly Rulers", of the sacred Hindu-Buddhist and Jain Himalayan Mountain of Kailash (also called Mount Meru):

Mount Kailesh/Meru

For Hindu's Kailesh is the abode of Lord Shiva: Lord of Yoga and the Divine Master of Tantra

Lord Shiva

Tibetans call Mt Kailesh "Khangrimpoche" and regard it as the earthy manifestation of the Sacred Mount Meru, and as the abode of Chakrasamvara: "The Supreme Bliss of the Wheel".  Chakrasamvara is also related to Mahakala, in wrathful form, and Mahakala is a Principle 'Deity' in Tantric Lion's Roar! Martial Arts, and the Principle Protector of Tibetan Buddhism.

Gam-Gong Sei-Lo Fun-Dar:  Prana-Yoga

Prana-Yoga is the Indo-Tibetan version of Chi-Gung/Qi-Gong


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