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Integrated Sakti's (Ging's) in Lion's Roar Martial Arts:

In Tantric Simhanada Vajramukti (Lion's Roar!) the Sakti's/Shakti's (Ging's) although classed as four in number 四勁 all integrate and result from one-another:四勁一門

The Four Shakti's Are:

1. Chakra-Kaya Sakti    or    Che-San Ging 扯身勁

2. Kundalini-Kaya Sakti   or  Tan-Ging 彈勁

3. Prana-Kaya Sakti/ Vayu-Kaya Sakti   or   Chum-Ging 沉勁

4. Vajra-Kaya-Sakti    or   Chune-Ging 穿勁

The Chinese notion of Chi/Qi is best represented as arising from both Chum-Ging 沉勁 and Tan-Ging 彈勁 if conceived of in strict terms.  However, all the 'Han' Gings can be 'internal' and utilize Chi/Qi.  More importantly, the Tantric Lion's Roar! Martial art does not distinguish between 'internal' and 'external' rather all Shakti's are simultaneously both, and, are additionally 'transcendent' - that is they are both and neither, in the sense of being something more.  Prana-Kaya-Sakti refers specifically to the Tantric Prana Winds (Vayu) as (Han: Chi/Qi) so, this explains the singular reference and comparison between Prana and Chi/Qi.

The Shakti's/Ging's arise from the body (Kaya) - specifically the Tantric Bodies associated with them, and are manifested thru the Body's 4 Ruling Lines the Catu-Raja Resha-Kaya:

1. Skandhya Resha  (Shoulder Body-Line)   肩身橫

2. Tanumadhya Resha (Waist Body Line)       身橫

3. Padhya Resha (Feet Body Line)                   身橫

4. Kaseruka Resha "Sushuma" (Spine/Central Channel Body Line). 垂直身橫

So, the Key planes in the body, for movement and structural reference, are the feet and waist and shoulders (
三橫身紋 horizontal) and the vertical axis (一垂直身紋spine) - making four, these are the Four Ruling Lines of the body: Catu-Raja Resha-Kaya, 身紋and become the Four Noble Truths of the Body (Sanskrit: Kaya) see Link: Simhanada Tantra Kaya Sakti The Ruling-Lines describe the planes of structure and movement of the body, which in turn manifests the Ging's.

The Chakra-Kaya (Wheel Body)
comes properly from the waist-plane, 身橫and is referred to as Che-San (Wheel-Rotor Body) 扯身 The Han also include the Che-Mah 扯馬(Wheel Horse) for the feet. In Chakra-Kaya both are covered, but, THE WAIST IS PRIMARY. This is NOT the hips. In Che-San (Wheel-Body) twists in the Lion's Roar martial art, the hips MUST follow the waist. A number of people primarily turn the hips when they Che-San THIS IS WRONG: this is the first principle to correct in Che-San (Chakra-Kaya).  The waist as leading the hips is both biomechanically correct, and esoterically correct. Reversing the rule is simply wrong.

The feet turn in synchrony but NOT necessarily at the same time (synchrony implies "at the same time", but in practice this is not necessarily the case). The feet, (Han Che-Mah-'Wheel Horse'), must be differentially trained, so, they can act independently of the waist
(see below).

People will find that if they turn the hips, they can't 'fire' the spine as they can when they turn the waist. Similarly with the feet, if they are primary, then the spine doesn't turn as effectively.

If the waist turns as primary Chakra Plane,
then the spine can fire off from it as in a 'slingshot'.

Obviously, there is no hard and fast rule, but overall, hip movement is bad as it disturbs the spine. Firing of the vertical axis when the hips are moved too-much, or incorrectly, can damage the lower back, or at least inhibit the transmission of Sakti

The feet should be trained, well trained, but waist comes first in the Chakra-Kaya Sakti

Chakra-Kaya is the 'body' of Che-San and Che-Mah Ging as Sakti

The shoulders
can 'Tan' (Han: Spring:  Sanskrit: to unwind, to release, to issue -forth) independently of the waist, but can be integrated, both with the waist and with the feet, or, as above INDEPENDENTLY.

The major link for all Gings
(Sakti's) is the spine - the 'Central Channel' (Nadhu) The 'movement' of the body up and down its vertical axis links the feet and waist (Che-Mah/Che-San) into Chakra-Kaya 'Wheel-Body' 

 The movement up and down the spine also 'releases' the shoulders - the Kundalin - or 'Kundalini-Kaya' coil or Coil-Snake body (Sakti) Power 塒蛇This is the 'Spring' (Tan) produced by the Prana (Chi) working in concert with the vertical axis (Central Channel). So, the rising and falling 'Breath-Body' (Prana-Kaya Sakti) also called Vortex-Wind Body (Vayu-Kaya Sakti) is linked to Tan (Kundalin-Kaya Sakti).

 Both are linked to Chakra Kaya - the Wheel Body, and to the Chakra's themselves in the Subtle energy body. The result is the Vajra-Kaya Shakti 金剛(Diamond Body Power) - all Gings (Sakti's) thus linked up.

The spine is very important, and rising and falling is too, even with 'Spring-Power'. Too many of us have tense shoulders, so the spine cannot issue the Kundalin energy.

The movement of the body is ultimately around its vertical axis, a virtual  line-point, about which all axis's and planes turn. This is the central channel of the subtle energy body, from which the Nadis channels connect to the Chakras.

Study which Chakras
connect to which Gings (Sakti's), and direct your mind 指多質多(Citta) to these in meditation, and Bija/Rupa /色 practice.

    Om Mane Padme Hum