Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

      San-Sau Gallery-14

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.


Sequence 1: Wrist-Grab To Fore-knuckle Strike & Take Down

Here the defender has made an 'apparent' commitment to a grab at the attackers left forearm. The grip being 'light' encourages the attacker to lunge forward with his left arm. turning it into an elbow strike hat will trap the defenders arm.  The defender has already factored in this possibility and his 'grip' is awaiting the sensory signal to switch and re-fire.

The defender has picked up the cues necessary in slight changes of pressure thru his grabbing hand and also through his right foot, which 'reads' displacement of weight in the attackers lead leg - via light almost 'co-incidental' (but actually purposeful) contact. He immediately releases the grip, which had no strength at all in the thumb (to facilitate re-firing) and strikes along the forearm and thru the cubital-fossa of the elbow, to hit into the ribs, with a fore-knuckle strike.

The attackers forward momentum was instantly arrested by this "stop-hit". The defenders 'passed-pawn" his left striking-hand, needs now to re-apply itself.

As the attackers shape crumples, the defender simultaneously switches his step, pulls the attackers elbow out laterally with his left hand and employs his right hand to spin the shoulder plane.

The Switch-Step is completed, the attackers left shoulder being displaced also puts the whole of that plane out of alignment - including the neck and the right shoulder, making it extremely difficult to initiate a co-ordinated counter-reaction.  Note that the defenders left foot is now placed for a trip

The Attackers arm is rotated so that he falls against the trip point.....

And he falls....

The defender turns himself so that he rotates the falling attacker towards a nearby wall (thoughtfully provided for the purpose)

And finishes with a shoulder dislocation combined with an elbow lock

Sequence 2: Alternative Form

Fore-knuckle penetration strike....

Structure Crumples....

This time, the defender turns laterally to apply pressure to the shoulder joint and force the attacker down.

Into a finger and wrist lock, with arm-bar

Finishing as a submission hold

Sequence 3: Second Alternative Form

Strike to the ribs....

Crumpled Structure

Beginning the shoulder spin, but also a leg trap engagement....

Crunching the leg with full dropping bodyweight...

Bracing the attackers foot as he falls, and as the defenders right knee drops thru the calf muscle compartment, straining its attachments

Attackers foot now trapped, whilst the defender 'works' on his left arm....

Submission position achieved