Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

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      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Sequence 1:  Rear Arm & Thumb-Lock, with Simultaneous Pressure Point Strike Between The Thoracic Vertebrae

This was used to good effect by the website owner in law-enforcement.  A simultaneous rear arm lock and thumb lock - with a phoenix-eye single knuckle 'insertion' between the thoracic vertebrae

Resistance or attempts at escape are discouraged by increasing torque and deeper penetration of the spine

It would have been a shop window in the Police, but, this will do....

"You have the right to remain silent....."

Sequence 2: Variations On Thumb Lock Continuations

A sharp torque with against the thumb joint

Wrist, thumb and shoulder pressure applied

Thumb lock, with elbow as fulcrum against the body, torque passes 'out' thru the shoulder, which is also controlled, causing a whole body spin

Stepping back with the right foot, helps to accelerate the opponents arc of fall...

watch out for that concrete post.....

The opponent is tripped over the defenders left leg which slips back and thru his support plane....

By the way... about that concrete post....


Sequence 3: Strike to Pressure Points on Brachioradialis Muscle Compartment

A cutting back impact with the hypothenar eminence to the brachioradialis compartment

The Chinese poetically describe the effect as having 'Chi' drained from the body thru the impact point

After a second strike, be careful not to slobber your food......

Sequence 4: Simple Shoulder-Plane 'Take-Down' with Treading  Foot Fulcrum

Engagement under the shoulder and around the neck to rotate the entire shoulder-head-shoulder plane - thereby displacing spinal alignment

Note the foot trap acting as a fulcrum

At this point, a full force break would be applied (in the street)