Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

      San-Sau Gallery-16

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.


Sequence 1: Power Slap

Explanation of the Power-Slap (Wing-Flap) as a short range opportunity to turn a rotating attack away from its target

Here, the defender has a left handed grip on the opponents forearm and his right hand is positioned above the opponents left shoulder.  The opponent who is sideways on, turns...

To launch a rear handed strike....

The defender, immediately 'slaps' the side of the attackers face and head, laterally displacing the attackers body...  This causes the attacker to miss his hit, and the impact of the slap turns his body even faster - by massive overcompensation.  His own strikes force now turns him off his feet.

This Indo-Tibetan Lion's Roar technique is common today in Indian Kalari-Pyattu Martial Arts in Kerala, Southern India.


Considerable force displaces from very short range.....

A more penetrating effect is to use a single knuckle strike to the carotid artery

But... the Power Slap is faster........

Note here the way that the thumb is tucked into the hand, making the thenar eminence (pad of muscle at the base of the thumb) very compact and hard.  The splayed and relaxed fingers together with the compacted palmar muscle, make for a fast AND hard hit

Sequence 2: Uppercut, Switching, & Swat-Grabs

Discussing the use of the basic Indo-Tibetan 'Ramming Uppercut' Punch - 'Sar-Jong-Choi' which torques very powerfully.  The attacker (dressed in white) is about to switch his  left arm grab into a twisting upper-cut

The defender has twisted synchronously, also swayed back out of range, and executed a spontaneous parry

The defender tries to make a grab for the attackers punching wrist, from off of the parry

Its too late as the attacker starts a counter switch of his own...

Explaining how it is possible to 'swat-catch' an uppercut.  This involves an open handed fly-swatting grab where the open hand bounces and then catches, the catch being a closure like a Venus Fly-Trap plant, but with a bouncing - jarring momentum that acts downwards, and then to one side - as the fist closes, bending the punching arm back

This can be very compelling.....

Straight to the floor.....

Another view of the result... smile is in resignation....

A further discourager against any movement

Practicing for the 'Swat-Catch'

Sequence 4: Miscellaneous - getting your own 'back'