Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

      San-Sau Gallery-13

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.


Sequence 1: Some Basic Long Fist's From The Set

Chune-Choi in its 'Crane' Form: note the vertical fist and single-knuckle fist orientation, and the use of the Cat-Stance (actually Diu-Mah or Bird Stance)

Crane variant Pow-Choi: using the Crane-Treading (drop-switch Crane step thru Cat-Stance) platform

Crane variant Cup-Choi: again using the switching Cat-Stance

Crane variant Cup-Choi: not 'Pek-Choi' or Pec-Kiu which can look similar in still photographs

As above

Crane Variant Chune-Choi (high)

Crane Variant Chune Choi (middle)

Sequence 2: Crane Variant Cup-Choi & Continuations

A Crane Variant Cup-Choi "incoming" to the opponents right of front side

The opponent attempts to block or deflect this with his shoulder. Note that the defenders Cat-Stance is right footed.......

Attempts by the opponet at blocking or deflection are always factored in, structurally, and tactically in Lions' Roar!    Here the Cup-Choi has utilized the opponents reaction by 'switching' from a long, to a short-arc-path fist, it has 'converted' into a phoenix-eye "short-power" strike, to fire-off from the platform provided by the opponents shoulder.

NOTE that the defenders Cat has switched WITH the conversion of the technique.

This is done as a ballistic action so that power is torqued up thru the spine as 'short power'

The Switching Cat stance is a feature of the: Lesser Combined Ape & Crane Set

The Single-Knuckle fist has penetrated the target at the carotid artery........

Immediately the fist 'wings back' as a Che-Sau or wheel-hand, to 'catch' the now lose right arm of the opponent

This arm is braced against the body and used as a lever, and the Cat Stance once again converts, and pushes back the opponents right leg, adding more momentum and leverage

The defender now rotates to twist the opponent further off-balance

To the ground....

And submission....

Sequence 3: Double Long Fist Combination and Continuation

Here, Pow-Choi is used to strike under the elbow stressing the opponents elbow -joint, the Cat was turned into, in order to get extra torque at the 'delivery point'

Here, the switching Cat stance pivots a Cup-Choi to impact the opponents neck

A full-force blow would put the opponent face down on the floor

Sequence 4: Arm Bar Takedown and Calf-Ankle Pin

The defender has taken he opponent down and pinned his left foot against his own left foot

The opponent has tried to turn into the defender, but been arc'd off

As he hits the floor, his own body weight acts against his lower leg (knee-calf-ankle) leading to a submission as leverage is easily applied against these joints and shearing action against the lower leg muscle attachments.

A bad fall.....