Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

      San-Sau Gallery-15

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.

Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.


Sequence 1: Wing Arm Hold With Augmentations

The defender has "wing-wrapped" the opponents right arm and twisted the shoulder so that the shoulder joint itself 'opens' - i.e. the acromion process becomes an easier target.  The defender is about to strike the acromion process with an extended center knuckle fist (Lung-Tow/Gai-Sum Choi)

The defender makes the strike 'inserting' the extended knuckle into the joint, simultaneously  compromising the opponents structure by striking the back of his right knee

The impact is penetrating and very painful

The opponent had dropped his head and the defender immediately exploited this with an arcing elbow strike which strikes the forehead and rolls the head over to the defenders left side

The defender then re-aligns his elbow strike by relaxing his shoulder enough for the elbow to be able to 're-fire' - thru the jaw

After passing thru the line of the jaw, the defenders arm loops around the back of the opponents neck

The defender pulls the opponent sideways, simultaneously ramming his knee

Then twisting the opponent once again thru the shoulder and neck

To the ground...

Sequence 2: Mid-Height Tackle Defence

The attacker has made an attempt at a tackle by dropping down from face to face range. The defender pulls the attacker to one side by flexing his right leg at the knee - this has trapped the attackers left arm and twisted him enough out of alignment

The defender has slipped his right hand around the anterior aspect of the attackers throat and hit him in the carotid with a "short-power punch"  Stunning the Attacker

Who is 'helped' to the floor.....

Sequence 2: Ramming Elbow Pressure Point Defense

The attacker is attempting a lateral ramming elbow, launched with a sliding side step towards the center of mass of the defenders body.  The defender lean back just enough...

To be able to apply light pressure under the elbow - tipping it slightly out of plane, whilst simultaneously hitting the carotid with a single knuckle strike, which....

Then slides-back to press on the acromion process of the shoulder....

And then moves forward to insert into the brachial plexus nerve bundle that supplies sensory and motor control to the arm

The attacker was hit on three pressure points that are within inches on one another, very quickly. His arm weakens and drops and the blood supply to his brain is temporarily interrupted by a 'baroreceptor reflex' shock

Sequence 3: Alternative Pressure Point Activation

The same kind of ramming elbow as in the previous sequence, is dealt with in the same 'unbalancing' way, but here the elbow is turned over and to one side allowing a single-knuckle pressure point strike to the twin heads of the biceps muscle in the upper arm compatment

Here, the strike point is being explained, didactically....

"Short Power" contact accelerated impact....

Sequence 4:  Crane's Wing Strikes & Continuations

Left Crane's Wing Technique from the Set.

Right Crane's Wing Technique from the Set.

Application of the technique as a finger strike and then neck scoop

Variant with a 'pincer and knuckle' grip to the 'Adams Apple'

Variant as a 'chopping' forearm strike........

Below: as above shown on other side....

But taken to the floor... being careful NOT to bang the back of his head on the garden wall

Sequence 5: Neck Trap & Arm Dislocation

Here, the opponent has attempted to take the defender down by a neck pull.  The defender has trapped the attackers arm by turning his head so that the attackers arm is trapped between the defenders neck and now 'raised' shoulder (raised for leverage)  At the same time the defender applies a counter movement with his arm, to apply pressure 'down and away' thru the shoulder joint, to 'encourage dislocation'.

Continuation of above........

The defenders left arm 'chops' down into the 'seam' of the shoulder joint, and applies rotational force to further brace and compromise the attackers trapped arm.  The defender also turns him left hip into the attacker - to make the effect even stronger

Then the defender suddenly 'reverses' his position, twists the attackers arm the opposite way

The defender 'scoops' his arm down, pulls the posterior aspect of the attacker forwards, to expose his ribs, then, fires a single knuckle-fist strike into his ribs, a the 'breath blocking point' (lateral upper margin of the chest wall)

This strike finishes the fight in the opponent

Revenge is sweet............