Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

       San-Sau Gallery-2

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Steve Richards teaching the Lesser Ape & Crane Set San-Sau: images taken from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.

Sequence 1:

Che-Sau 'Wheel-Hand' engagement.  The Che-Sau must move elliptically, with the active focus of the ellipse being set above and behind the opponents head at between 45 and 25 degrees to the perpendicular.

The Che-Sau Wheels the opponents arms and begins to uproot him. The upward ellipse displaces his aligment vertically and stretches out his spine.  Note the beginning of a right leg foot placement....

The right foot is being placed inside the 'base' area of the opponent. the leg is configured into a 'Cat' stance, to act as a fulcrum, hip to hip.  The dropping of the 'Cat' foot (heel to floor) and then a horizontal slide thru the hips is the next action.

Foot placed as above...

Torquing thru the hips is initiated...

Lateral displacement upends the opponent, additional torque thru the neck and spine.

Continuation of above...

Final torque thru the cervical verterbrae


Sequence 2:

Alternative continuation from lateral displacement in sequence 1: 

Neck is torqued thru the chin with extra twist thru the shoulder

Continuation of above

Opponents body weight falls thru the fulcrum joints

Continuation of above

Sequence 3:

Alternative uprooting motion

Note the change of foot position

The right foot, and hip engage the opponent vertically

A 'Cat Stance' is used to torque laterally into the opponents knee and hip

This fulcrum accelerates displacement

This time the throat is compressed

The opponent falls...

And is oppositely torqued thru his elbow joint...

And a knee drop at the hip disrupts his attempts to regain control

A further re-torquing against the elbow, wrist, and shoulder

Sequence 4:

Opposite side Che-Sau engagement

Compresses the windpipe and carotid

And disrupts structure vertically, causing it to collapse