Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

      San-Sau Gallery-34

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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       Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.


The Tibetan Lion's Roar! includes 'genes' picked up in its evolution, from Indian, Tibetan, Mongolian and Chinese Wrestling systems.  These are now encoded according to the two Totem animal divisions of the Art.  The 'Crane Forms' tend to be more 'refined' and sophisticated whilst the 'Ape Forms' more obviously aggressive and direct.  Some of the techniques shown are similar to those found in the Chinese Wrestling Sport of Shuai-Chiao 摔角 Shuai-Chiao in its sport form, is an upright, jacketed wrestling system, that does not include sophisticated strikes, pressure-points, or any ground fighting techniques and applications.  The grappling in Lion's Roar! has maintained all of these methods, is NOT a sport, and uses highly refined rotational linkages to generate power.  Shuai Chiao in its traditional San-Sau 散手 form is an excellent martial grappling system.  In Lion's Roar! the grappling in Mandarin Chinese is

"Xi-Zhang San-Shou Shuai-Chiao"


Sequence 1:  Single arm Pull Down Into Body-Weight Arm-Bar

1: firing off position

2: Pull down laterally over a trip point foot (fulcrum)

3: Showing force as applied to the pull-down

4: Starting with the pull-down again...

5: Transitional depressing arm-bar

6: Bodyweight drop thru elbow joint...

7: Position prior to completion which would involve a back-drop thru the elbow joint and potential dislocation to the shoulder.

8: Full speed application of grab and pull-down/trip

9: Full speed application (safely) of descending arm bar

10: Full speed 'stealing step' prior to twist and drop of bodyweight thru the elbow joint

Sequence 2: Upright Clinch Grip Break & Throw

1: Attacker (Right) pushes forwards in an upright clinch

2: Defender (Left) counter pushes thru the elbow joints of the Attacker to break his grip, and turns his knee inwards against the Attackers lead leg

3: This unbalances him and allows a sweep into a throw

Sequence 3: Upright Clinch To Spinning Arms Throw

1: From an upright clinch... Opponent (Right) pushes forwards and tries to engage the knee of the Defender's lead leg (by turning into it)

2: Defender slips his knee out of the engagement and pushes the Opponents grip down and away.  He augments this by pressing down on the Opponents right shoulder - with his head

3: This loosens the Opponents structure, and the Defender begins to engage the Attackers lead leg with a trip-foot-trap

4: The Opponent is then rotated with sharp torquing forces over the trip point

5: And further assisted in his fall by being pulled forwards over his center of gravity

6: Impact

7: Full speed application without the step back....

8: Note how the Opponents left arm is rotated across his body and up past his right shoulder


Sequence 4: Alternative Spin & Leg Trip

1: Note use of the head to press down the shoulder and disrupt structural alignment