Lesser Combined

        Ape & Crane Set

       San-Sau Gallery-4

      金剛少蝯鶴 散手


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Steve Richards teaching Lesser Ape and Crane Set, San-Sau from digital video

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.

Sequence-1 Jump-Drop Hook and Lock

From the 'Ape' aspects of the Set, sidestepping, but maintaining a sliding contact along the opponents extended line or incoming 'bridge'

The sliding left arm retracts sharply backwards, engaging slightly above the elbow - in order to jar the joint, before continuing on down to the wrist.  The jarring action inhibits a response thru the opponents left arm, 'hurts' it, and into the 'gap' (bardo) in information-processing caused by this, uses the opponents arm as a fulcrum for a drop-step jump.

As above

The grip at the elbow travels down to the wrist, and a hook punch slams into the side of the neck with the bodies full dropping air-borne weight behind it.   The striking surface is the extended middle knuckle of the middle finger - called by the Cantonese 'Lung-Tow' (Dragon's Head).  Often with this technique, the stance also 'rams' the opponents base, by dropping thru his legs.  This picture shows the target for the whole-body weight drop-hit: - the carotid artery.

Some opponents will take this hit, or it will fail thru timing errors, or some other means.  When this occurs, the position obtained allows a 'switch' into another technique.  Here the switch used involves a folding back of the wrist and a simultaneous elbow drop thru the posterior aspect of the shoulder.  The best contact area is that described by the 'seam' of the jacket or other clothing, as this follows the natural turning orbit of the shoulder.  Dislocation can follow, depending in part upon acceleration speeds, weight drop, angle etc.

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