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   Simhanada Natavajra

      Mantra Abisheka:

                 Om Nataraja Darmapala Hum

                    Om Saruska Devaraja Hum

                        Om Mane Padme Hum

The 'Lesser Crane' 金剛少鶴 is an important Tantric Set in the Simhanada Vajramukti Dharma transmission.  It incorporates, literally: in-corporates - as corporeally - within the body, the sacred Namarupa (name-form) of the Crane (Sarus) Totem.

It is not an easy Set, it is not a 'performance' set, it is a Tantric Nata, a Vajranata.  

As a unipolar element, the Crane is deliberately stated, in order to mobilze opposite energies within the psyche of the practitioner. The tension of opposition, seeks resolution, and that resolution is the Yab-Yum dyad of Tantra, the Father-Mother union of Ape & Crane, which itself is transcended as Roaring The Lion's Roar!

The Set has its physical structure, energy and manifest techniques, but for it to be truly Tantric, the practitioner must be 'empowered' (Abisheka) thru the various levels described by Guru, Mantra, Yidam, and Dharmapalas.

The Chinese would regard parts of this Set as 'internal' by Daoist standards.  However, in Tantric terms, the set is 'Transcendent' as the opposites of internal and external are to be overcome.

There can be no progression in the Kinetic Martial Tantra without the negation of opposites and eventually the negation of negation itself, by the affirmation of Simhanada - the Lions' Roar!

 Steve Richards demonstrating the Lesser Crane Set:

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               Si-Fu Claudio Traversa Lesser Crane Movements

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     Om Mane Padme Hum