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Steve Richards teaching Lesser Crane Set San-Sau.

Images taken from digital video.

Under NO circumstances should these techniques be practiced without qualified supervision.


Lesser-Crane Set Circle Steps with inverted dorsiflexion kick

Lesser-Crane Set Circle Steps with inverted dorsiflexion kick: opposite view

Application from an upright rolling arm-bar:

The defender (right) torques his hip into the attackers elbow, causing the attacker to stretch open his mid-line. The defender immediately 'opposite-locks' his lead foot, so that it rises to curve inwards towards the attackers groin - the foot itself turning into dorsi-flexion

The Attacker instinctively places his hand across his groin to protect against the impact.

 The defender 'flicks' the dorsi-flecting foot in a stirring motion - to 'lift and separate' (the 'Playtex kick') - the relatively light but shocking contact raising the attacker's base from the floor

The defenders impacting leg remained bent, allowing a natural chamber to re-fire a second kick, this time a thrusting knee strike, aimed at the illiac crest of the pelvis, the impact folding the attacker in the middle and disrupting his structure and leading to collapse

Continuation of above

Continuation of above

Demonstrating the proper angle of the foot relative to the lower leg on impact of the initial dorsiflexion kick

Demonstrating the proper angle of upward penetrating impact for the secondary knee-kick to the iliac crest.  The foot should torque downwards into plantar-flexion


Attacker 'gambits' a grip on his right wrist before slipping to the off-side

Too late defender.... "Crane's Wing's" sprawling is not an option...



Spinning the shoulder plane and neck whilst stepping back with the lead foot - absorbing the attackers momentum and re-directing it

Keeping the head turning to confuse positional information

Watch out for a last grab attempt at the knee

Or another-nother last grab at the ankle... keep the torque thru the neck and spine

Take his falling bodyweight thru his elbow joint against your knee (fulcrum) his arm as a lever

Attacker tries to knee strike from the floor

Counter knee strike - partially thru 'position' to block the line of attack and partly thru dropping knee to ribs - torque the wrist and pull back the arm thru the elbow again - thru the left knee

As above but with deeper step back

Keeping the spin on - allows a repositioning

To the opposite side