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The Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha लियन ' रोर !  वज्र मुश्ट संघा 金剛獅子吼is organised by National Representative Schools (Ashram) आश्रम , which in turn are members of the World Indo-Tibetan Martial Arts Council  वर्ल्ड इंडो तिबेतान मार्शियल आर्ट्स काउससंल 世界印度藏语武术协会門 .

The International Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha is governed by a Sangha Council made up of Maha-Guru representing the National Ashram's.

The current lineage holder गुरु लाईइज होल्डर 宗家for the Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha holds the presidency office of the Sangha Council

National Ashram's are headed by a Maha-Guru: महा गुरु and branch schools by a Guru:   Individual Disciples (Chela's)门徒 will have their own 'Root-Guru' रुत गुरु who is responsible for their transmission of Simhanada Dharma 獅子吼 also: 道法 and its essential principles:宗乘

Ashram's study the Indo-Tibetan Lion's Roar! Martial Art from within an Indo-Tibetan perspective 印度藏语 as well as a Han Chinese cultural context, but with the emphasis being Indo-Tibetan.

The Buddha-Dharma 佛法 especially the 'esoteric' 祕密宗 or Gam-Gong 金剛 and the Lion's Roar! Shambhala tradition of Rinpoche Chogram Trungpa are integrated fully with the Lion's Roar! Martial Art. A study of the Hindu roots (Sanatana Dharma) हिंदू धर्मा 賢豆 of the Lion's Roar! Martial Art is also made, as Simhanada Vajramukti, and Buddhism both originate from the Indo-Aryan Hindu Culture.  Much of contemporary Lion's Roar! Martial Arts, even in Han-Chinese Form is made up from Hindu practices, both martial and 'spiritual'.

Student/Disciple Ranks: स्टूडेंट डिस्सिपल रैंक्स  門徒

Bandu (Brother) - Initiate-Disciple 弟兄

Chela (Full - Disciple) 法弟

Vidvattva Bandu (Learned Brother) 學家法弟

Daksha (Expert) 專家法弟

Master Ranks गुरु रैंक्स 門師


Siddha-Guru 悉地


Maha-Siddha-Guru 大悉地