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The 'Octave' theory in the Lion's Roar! martial art, describes the well known formula of '8's' that make up the physical side of the Art as passed down thru Han-Chinese lineages.  ALL extant branch lineages of the Lion's Roar! Martial Art in the West, have passed thru China as either: Hop-Gar, Lama-Pai, or "Tibetan" White-Crane Kung-Fu.  To greatly varying extents, these lineages have been Sino-Formed that is culturalized away from the Indo-Tibetan matrix of the Art, and overwritten with local Han-Chinese cultural adaptations and emphases.  This is a normal evolutionary process, and all such branches are fully legitimate expressions of Lion's Roar! albeit as transformed by the period from when Tibetan Lama Sing-Lung - the Patriarch of Lion's Roar! Martial Arts in South China, started to teach non-Tibetan's (circa 1880) until the Arts transmission to Westerners by Chinese Masters, in the 1960's. 

In that 80 year period, much of the Tantra and Indo-Tibetan culture has been lost, some branches have retained a great deal, perhaps all, but many others have at best remnants, and some, non at all. 

In the 400 years that the Art was in Tibet before reaching South China, the Tantra had been refined to a very high level.  Indeed, much of the original Indo-Aryan Hindu Lion's Roar! Martial Art, was still present, unbroken for the at least 3000 years that it had been a purely Indian system as Simhanada Vajramushti (going back to the Vedic period of 1500 - 2500 BCE) 

The number '8' had great significance in Buddhism, which, started out as a reformist movement within Hindusim, just as Christianity had done as a development within Judaism.   Shakyamuni Guatama - The Buddha,  was born to a family in the then richly forested Himalayan foothills near the present-day Indian-Nepalese border. His Father was a local King  named Suddhodana. But we need to bear in mind that from his birth until his death, the Buddha was a kshatriya or Warrior-Caste Hindu - trained in Simhanada Vajramushti the 'Lion's Roar! Martial Art of his Hindu ancestors:  When he was 7 years old, Shakyamuni was instructed by his teachers: Arata, Kalama, Kshantideva and Rudrakarama in the Pancavididya (The Five Arts of the Warrior Kshatriya's). Kshantideva in particular is said to have instructed Shakyamuni in the martial arts of Grappling: (Malla-Yuddam) Boxing: (Mushti) Weaponry and Gymnastics - all together called the Simhavikridatta (Lion's Skill) of the Vajramushti Diamond-Thinderbolt Fist Martial Art - the Fighting Art of the Kshatriya Warriors.  Indeed Lion's Skill was synonymous with Vajramushti, hence: Simhanda Vajramukti - and eventually, Tibetan Lion's Roar! "Kung-Fu".

At the heart of the Buddha's Dharma, are the 4-Noble Truths - acceptance of which is the first requirement of following the Dharma - and then - the Path Of Liberation, the "8-Fold-Path"

八聖道 - the Buddha's transmission on the right way to Salvation.  The 8-Fold Path IS the origin of the later Han-Chinese formulation of the Lion's Roar! '8' or Octave theory.  This consideration is MOST imortant and must be understood.

The Lion's Roar! Tantric Martial Art is a Buddhist Yana (vehicle) in its own right - part of the Siddha/Siddi Crazy Wisdom tradition within Esoteric-Tantric Buddhism. ALL aspects of this Art have achievement of Bodhicitta 冒地質多as their goal, to Roar The Lion's Roar! is the initiation of the Tantric Aspirant into the Arhat 阿羅漢 or later the Bodhisattva 冒地薩恒嚩 level of attainment see:

From Chapter 13 of The Lotus Sutra 添品妙法蓮華經:

"At that time the bodhisattvas, respectfully complying with the Buddha's will and at the same time wishing to fulfill their own original vows, proceeded in the presence of the Buddha to Roar the Lion's Roar

As the Siddha Path in Tantra allows the utilization of any path to work towards Bodhicitta then the martial art of the Buddha's blood-line family - Simhanada Vajramushti was an entirely appropriate vehicle (Yana) - and as the Buddha had established the way to Bodhicitta was the 8-Fold Path then the Raja-Ashtanga (Ruling 8-Part) formula was held to be at the heart of the Lion's Roar! Martial Art itself.  The number 8 was familiar in other Yoga paths within Hinduism, indeed the 8-Part formula describes the numbered 8 stages of the broader Yoga path itself.

Although the Han-Chinese formulations of the Lion's Roar! thru its branch divisions of Hop-Gar, Lama-Pai and "Tibetan" White-Crane Kung-Fu include such things as 8-Stepping Patterns, 8-Fist Formations, 8-Stances, 8-External and 8-Internal Skills, etc the real heart of the Ashtanga in Lion's Roar! are the 8-Seed Fists: The 8-Seed Fists in Sanskrit and 8-Seed Fists Ruling Deities which themselves are resolve-able to the Three Jewel Fists: The 3 Jeweled Fist in Sanskrit and in particular Chune-Choi The Raja-Bija of Lion's Roar

These 8-Seeds are not just mere punches, they are keys to Tantric Yidam's (Deities) and Dharmapalas (Guardian's), they are the doorway to the Tantric Kaya's (bodies) Sakti's (powers) and Rasha's (ruling lines) as well as the Nata's (forms) Yantra's and Mandala's.

The real esoteric value of the 8-Fold Path of Liberation of the Buddha's Dhrama, is in its apparent simplicity, it is ALL that is needed.  HOWEVER, it is how the 8-Fold Path - the Ashtanga in Lion's Roar! Martial Arts - is made manifest that is important, and that is far from obvious to those un-initiated thru Lion's Roar! Tantra-Yana.

Seeds grow - that is their nature.  They can grow into externally complex derivations, and multiply their manifest forms in an effort to give appearance of the Dharma. Or, they can function as gateways to great depth beyond manifest simplicity - and by embodying the Nama and Rupa of Dharma itself.

The Real Lion's Roar! 8 is the instantiation of the whole Path within the external 'Form' of the Ruling-8 Seeds, anything beyond that is unnecessary. The 'answer' is not the Seeds, but it is within them, as each is a Dharma Gate to the heart of the Lotus. 

        Om Mane Padme Hum