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Practitioners within the Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha  金剛獅子吼are entered as Students, Disciples or Masters, and are members of a National Ashram (School) itself represented on the International Sangha Council 世界僧and the World Indo-Tibetan Martial Arts Council 世界印度藏语武术

Exoteric Students, i.e. those not undertaking full training, and Esoteric students, i.e. those undertaking full Simhanada Tantrayana Martial Arts training, are both assigned to a 'Root-Guru'  who is responsible for their progression and development within the Sangha.  

The term 'Student' 学生generally refers to Exoteric 顯門trained students, whereas 'Disciple' refers to Esoteric .  Both Exoteric and Esoteric students/disciples study the history of the Lion's Roar! Martial Art, and both will study Hinduism and Buddhism.  Disciples, will however study these in greater depth.  Both will be encouraged to undergo Shambhala Buddhist training - which is non-sectarian, and can be applied to any religious or spiritual pathway, not only Buddhism.  In the case of Disciples, this training is mandatory.

Progression as a Disciple 金剛獅子吼法弟 is thru the following grades:

Disciple Ranks: 門徒

Bandu (Brother) - Initiate-Disciple 弟兄

Chela (Full - Disciple) 法弟

Vidvattva Bandu (Learned Brother) 學家法弟

Daksha (Expert) 專家法弟

This progression involves the Simhanada Vajrayana Dharmamukti as Martial Tantra:         金剛獅子吼拳法 

The lineage transmission as Martial Art Tantrayana金剛拳法, is delivered thru the usual methods common in traditional 'Chinese' Martial arts:拳法.  This includes 'Forms'; essential principles; 宗極 teachings; 宗學 the method of using the techniques; 解脫 and all that make up the arts 'Vehicle' of transmission; 宗乘 

The Forms are Exoteric 顯門 or Esoteric the difference initially being that Esoteric Forms are 'Empowered' (Sanskrit: Guru-Abisheka) with Deities, Guardians, Mantra's etc.  Exoteric Forms are more typical of the usual non-transcendent traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

The Diamond Thunderbolt (Dorje/Vajra) "Gam-Gong" 金剛 Empowered Forms are Dharma-Gates: and are a first step, followed later by the Vajra-Nata-Yantra's - the Tantric Mukti's taught by exclusive personal transmission from Root-Guru to Chela 法弟. These are 'Secret' and involve 'Received Transmission' thru Higher Tantric Practices.

The First level Forms: have dual names, Chinese and Sanskrit.  Generally, Exoteric Students 顯門学生train the Chinese names of the Forms, and the Esoteric Disciples法弟 learn and use both sets of names but concentrate on the Indo-Tibetan (Sanskrit) designations.

The Weapons taught were originally Han-Chinese, but are now being replaced by traditional Indo-Tibetan Weapons including: the Vajra; Double-Vajra; Khadga (Fire Sword); The Phurba Dagger (Single & Double); The Kartika (Axe/Cleaver of "Parashurama"); and the Danda (Staff)

The Han-Chinese Lion Dance will be replaced by the Tibetan "Snow-Lion" Dance.

Master Level Progression is as follows:

Master Ranks:  門師


Siddha-Guru  悉地

Maha-Guru  大

Maha-Siddha-Guru  大悉地   

The progression of transmission of Simhanada Dharma 金剛獅子吼 is established by the UK Sangha lineage holder: 英國宗家 and ratified by the International Sangha Council: 世界僧