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The Bardo concept (Tibetan) originates in the Indo-Aryan Sanatana Dharma (Hindu) tradition as 'Antarabhala', meaning literally 'in-between births'.  As 'Antarala' it refers to any in-between or transitory state, including those 'spaces' and 'times' between movements and thoughts and between actions and reactions.

These Bardo's include spatio-temporal 'gaps' in combat, in 'information processing', and in those transcendent points of creation or instantiation, into the mental, or physical, planes.

In The Tantric Lion's Roar! Martial art, the Bardo-field represents both an internal 'moment' within which to realize the attainment of Bodhicitta (Buddhist) or union with Brahma (Sanatana Dharma).

It is also the battlefield of 'Maya' (Illusion), and the temporal-spatial state within which to undergo 'Chod' (pronounced 'Cho') or Cutting Severance. Note the similarity in pronounciation between Chod/Cho and Chune/Chun: Tibetan/Chinese.

The Chod ritual is deeply connected with the Tibetan Tantric practice of the same name:

"Chod, meaning cutting through severance is a Buddhist Tantric practice. In Tibetan Buddhist Tantra it is taught to beginners for accumulation of merits; it is also practiced by ardent devotees for realization of Dharmakaya— the pinnacle of Buddhist realization."  See Link: The Chod Ritual As in non-martial Tantra, so too in the Lion's Roar! Martial-Tantra-yana, Guru Padmasambhava - The Lion Roaring Guru, plays a central part, See Link: Guru Padmasambhava (Lions Roar! Guru-Martial Tantra).

In Martial Tantra, the first principle is Chinnatti (to penetrate) as in the 'penetration to the truth' within Buddhism.  This occurs internally as a Bardo-Chod (Antar-Ala Chid: Sanskrit).  The goal is to 'offer the Body' as in non-Martial Chod.  Externally, this manifests as a Kinetic form: the First Seed Technique of the Lion's Roar! Martial Art, known in Sanskrit as Chinatti-Chid or Chinna-Chinnatti- 'The Penetrating Cut'.  

There is isomorphism between internal state and external action - i.e. they are the same.

Therefore, the First Seed Principle and First seed Action BOTH instantiate Bardo-Chod, the 'Cutting severance'.

In strictly martial terms, the Bardo-Field is the field of Mastery of the Art.  All actions instantiate and culminate within the Bardo:

"The idea is to open all available Bardo voids for us, and to close them for our opponent. What happens here is that the opponent is reduced to 'reacting' to closure, and cannot initiate or create action. Bardo's (Antarala's - Sanskrit) exist as spatial and temporal (time) intervals. The spatial Bardo is the creation point for action, and the temporal Bardo is a kind of 'cyber-space' for the brains information processing. The Spatial Bardo is where the 'Rupa' of Form is created or at least 'manifestly instantiated'. The cognitive (Brain) Bardo is where the 'Nama' (name/principle) develops. In Hinduism, nothing existed before its Nama and its Rupa, and nothing does literally 'exist' until these are distinguished... or 'created'. They are illusions caused by apperception or awareness by the subjective mind (in Hinduism) but, they nevertheless represent experiential 'reality'.

In the Han-Chinese Lion's Roar! tradition principles: 

Chune, penetrates the Bardo field, Sim, draws the oponent into a closed Bardo that has no manifestation or creation point for any 'Rupa' on his part, and no mental Bardo for the Nama to guide the Rupa. It is a true void, one collapsed to 'singularity' like a 'Black-Hole' in physics. Jeet finds the "moments" of arc, or thought-realization, and arrests them, hence the interception before being fully formed. Chon is the 'completion' of action in the Bardo which results in annihilation at that 'point' in space, and at that point in thought/time.

The defence against this is have spare Bardo space, within which to operate information processing, so you have a kind of partitioned Namarupa, like a partitiond hard-drive on a personal computer. The spare RAM available to trained information processing allows you to 'quantum leap' from one Bardo field to another, and, to run one Bardo ahead in time and space of the 'actual' one - the one where the engagement is taking palce. This 'virtual' Bardo is therefore independent of actual immediate reality, and is a projection ahead in time and space. If your opponent closes your 'immediate' Bardo, your virtual Bardo field will already have computed a response and then initiates a new trajectory (firing-off point) for switching - at this point, the virtual Bardo becomes 'imposed' onto the actual engagement, and so a new Nama, and a new Rupa are spontaneously created in action".


Below is interesting, as an example of Lion Symbolism, and, of working the Psychic Bardo- Field with Narasimha as a 'Yidam' to strengthen the connection to the 'inner Lion' and its Roar!

The following  is a short description of Vishnu in his Avatar as the 'Man-Lion'. Note his 'Bardo' state as Half-Man, Half-Lion   Also, his action is at cross-over points and times (Antarala's/Bardo's)

From this, we can utilize appropriate imagery as the Man-Lion - as in a Yidam process, to work Tantrically in the Bardo-States:

The Man-Lion (Narasimha). "A demon had been granted the boon that it could not be killed by man or animal; inside or outside its house; by day or by night. It roamed the world causing distress and chaos. Vishnu became half-man, half-lion to kill the demon. He was neither man nor animal. He executed the demon on its threshold, neither in nor out of the house, at sunset - neither day nor night".

Vishnu (Krishna) is a Hindu deity, but, there is no problem with working him as a Yidam in a 'Buddhist' sense, or indeed a Hindu one, as Hinduism is open to all branches of religion.

Narasimha can remind us of the Bardo state between 'human' ego identified consciousness (the 'little ego self or atman with a small 'a') and a theriomorph - a mixed animal or full animal level of consciousness. In Lion's Roar! we utilize the cross-modal Bardo states of mind to tap into transformative Tantric powers.

The Bardo Warrior instantiates the essence of the Lion's Roar! Tantric Martial Art.

       Om Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha Hum