The Esoteric Art of Form

  in Tantric Martial Arts




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The "Art of Form" 藝術體 in Tantric Martial Arts 金剛

拳法 represents the "Rupa" (in Sanskrit) (in Han) or 'manifest form', of the Lion's Roar! 金剛獅子吼拳法 Martial Art.  This is, for practitioners of Kinetic Tantra 动态金剛 an instantiation of the "Dharma Kaya" the 'Truth Body' in the person of the Tantric practitioner.  The Tantric Martial Artist seeks 'communion' with the transcendent essence 祕密of the Dharma, by making his body a suitable vessel for the Art 容器身.  This is the true purpose of 'Form' commonly called "Kuen" (fist - or fist 'form') in traditional Chinese Martial Arts.  

In Tantric Buddhism it is emphasized that the body is the residence of Buddhas and the very instrument through which to attain Buddhahood.  Martial Tantra is an exposition of Upaya - "Skillful Means" of whom the Patron is Bodhisattva Vajrapani, 金剛手

the wielder of the Thunderbolt 金剛(Vajra), as a development within Buddhism of Indra इन्द्र the "Founder" of the Simhanada Vajramukti - Lion's Roar Diamond Thunderbolt Martial Art

Varapani is the Patron Bodhisattva of the Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha.


                      INDRA HOLDING THE VAJRA

Vajrapani has many 'representations' (imago's) and has within different cultures and times, metamorphed  between Vishnu, Buddha and Indra.  According to Tantric stage, the Lion's Roar! Martial-Adept works with Vajrapani as Yidam Deity in all of these forms.

'Form' is then the projection of Bodhicitta, into 'Nama' and 'Rupa'.


Martial Arts 'Forms' as sequences... are the communion with Bodhicitta    

                                    INDRA WITH VAJRA

                Lion's Roar! Practitioners - note the stance

mediated by Nata-Raja, the Lord of Form.....                 


             Lord Shiva Nataraja

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