Tibetan Tantric Weapons


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       "Proclaim the Dharma with a Lion's Roar!"

           Shakyamuni: Siddhartha Gautama; The Buddha


The traditional weapons of TIBETAN Lion's Roar differ markedly from those later incorporated from CHINESE Kung-Fu.  All of these weapons, with the exceptions of the Monks Staff, Key and Knife, have direct Tantric significance.  The Tantric weapons are to be found in ritual useage in many Tantric lineages, but in Lion's Roar! Martial Arts they also have their applied martial useages.

The Tantric weapons are entrained thru Tantric empowerments (Yidam and Dharmapalas) and thru Yantra's that translate into ground-plans for their 'Forms'.

The Vajra

Tibetan Dorje: 11.5 inches long weight 5ILbs.

The Diamond Thunderbolt of Indra, and of the Buddha's Pentration To The Truth.  Held in the right hand as a single weapon.  This requires great trained strength to use.

The Double Vajra

The Double Vajra (Dorje) is used in pairs, one in each hand.  Size 6-8 inches.

The Khadga (Fire Sword)


             Curved Khadga


             Straight Khadga

The Fire Sword is the weapon of Manjushri, Bodhisattva, the highest ranking bodhisattva in Tibetan Buddhism.  The Khadga is a Buddhist symbol of enlightenment used to destroy ignorance which is the enemy of liberation from the bonds of worldly attachments.


                        Bodhisattva Munjursi weilding the Fire Sword

The Phurba (Dagger)

Used singly or in pairs, the Phurba-Dagger ranges in length from 5-10"

The Kartika (Axe/Cleaver)

The Kartika symbolises the severance of all material and worldly bonds and is crowned with a Dorje, which is said to destroy ignorance, and leads to enlightenment. In Buddhis teachings, this tool is sometinmes held in the right hand of Yama, the conqueror of death.   It is also the 'Axe' of Parashurama in Hindu Sanatana Dharma.

The Monks Staff (Guru Danda)

The Monks or Guru/Lama's Staff varies in length, being like the English Longbow, cut and shaped to fit.  Similarly, according to taste, the wood is chosen for hardness or flexibility, and may be tipped with steel.

Lde-Brdzus (Monks Key)

A large, sharpened, 'imitation' key, shaped like a dart, and played out on an extended rope. This is the first weapon the Dob-Dop Fighting Monks learn, and can be fired out by skilful use of wrist action - at great speed.

Leags-Sag (Shoemakers Knife)

An alternative to the Monk's Key, similarly played out like a Dart for long-range fighting, but used as a dagger at close range.