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Tony Galvin of San Francisco USA is the late Tibetan Pai Grandmaster "Harry" Ng Yim Ming's last American Hop Gar disciple and student: Om Mane Padme Hum

Tony Galvin is part of the "Tibetan Homelands Project" which is dedicated to returning the Lion's Roar Lama Kung-Fu art to the Tibetan Nation and people: Om Mane Padme Hum

ALL IMAGES HERE COPYRIGHT BY TONY GALVIN 2003: Published with his kind permission for the benefit and information of Tibetan Pai Martial Artists.

             Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Ng Siddi Hum


Preface By Tony Galvin:

Grandmaster Harry Ng – Ng Yim Ming

1910 – 3/13/72 American Age: 62yrs old

 The Tony Galvin Hopgar Kungfu Galleries 1-10 on the Tibetan Lions Roar.Name Web Siteare dedicated to the memory of and respect for the late Tibet Lama Hop Gar Kung Fu Grandmaster Harry Ng and the Hop Gar Kung Fu dtyle Ng Sifu taught: And to the Hop Gar Kung Fu disciples and students Ng Sifu taught in Hong Kong such as Wong Wah Ying-Gum Tong-Fan Chong Yip-Ku Chi Wai-Chan Yau Lun + Tony Galvin: And also to the Hop Gar Kung Fu disciples + students Ng Sifu taught + trained in San Francisco Chinatown such as Jack Hoey – David Chin – George Chin aka George Long + Tony Galvin Grandmaster Harry Y.M. Ng was shot and killed March 13, 1972 in San Francisco Chinatown. The death of Hop Gar Grandmaster Ng Sifu is very tragic as Ng Sifu is irreplaceable in the hop gar style of kung fu + Ng Sifu will always be greatly missed.  Tony Galvin will never forget Ng Sifu + will always miss Ng Sifu greatly.

Sincerely + Respectfully yours in Hop Gar kung fu,

 Tony Galvin Hop Gar kung fu instructor

The last Hop-Gar disciple + Kung Fu student of Hop-Gar Grandmaster Harry Ng Yim Ming


“The late Doctor and Master, George Long: AKA “George Chin” learned Hop-Gar Kung-Fu from Grandmaster Harry Y.M.Ng, and he learned Pak-Hok-Pai, White Crane Kung-Fu from Chan-Hok-Fu.  George Long was a Hop-Gar Kung-Fu instructor under Grandmaster Harry Y. M. Ng and he was one of Tony Galvin’s Hop-Gar Teachers.”

White Crane Gung Fu Book
by Master George Long- a.k.a. George Chin
Sifu Ron Dong
Sifu Michael Staples
Is Ng Sifu Basic Level Hop Gar White Crane Kung Fu style

Hop Gar Kung Fu book:
 "By David Chin - Sihing                                                                                               THE CURRENT AND NEW HOP GAR KUNG FU GRAND MASTER"

Tibetan Kung Fu Book by Sifu Michael Staples is basic Ng Sifu Hop Gar White Crane Kung Fu —Tony Galvin on page 61 holding the 6 ˝

(from left to right) Tony Galvin (only American student of the late Hop-Gar Grandmaster Harry Ng Yim Ming),

Jack Hoey, Senior Grandmaster Ng-Yim-Ming Disciple and Lama Grandmaster Chan-Tai-San


Tony Galvin's Citation From Si-Fu Lo Wai Keung’s Chinese Book

Tony Galvin and Lo Wai Keung photo Hong Kong:
Tibet Lama Pai Sifu Lo Wai Keung and Tony Galvin

Tony Galvin on page 61 of Staples Book The Way of the Monk

Harry Ng Si-Fu and Friends

Harry Ng Sifu and Gum Tong and Family Friends

Harry Ng in Chinese Sword Movie

Tony Galvin
Tibet Lions Roar 8 Hop Gar Lama Kung Fu Instructor--Fighter--Practitioner
is available to move and relocate anywhere in the world and USA.
Contact me through:
World Indo-Tibetan Martial Arts Council

 Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Ng Siddi Hum