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Si-Fu Richards was privileged to have studied the Yip-Man lineage of Wing-Chun Kung-Fu from 1973, firstly under his Hop-Gar Si-Fu Kenneth Liu-Ying-Wah - himself a student of the late Wing-Chun Master Joseph Cheng. Then from 1975-1977 under Si-Fu Franco Chun of Macao.

In 1988 he resumed his studies of Wing-Chun under  Master Samuel Kwok disciple of Yip-Man's Son's: Yip-Chun and Yip-Ching. Master Jimmy Chan-Wai - Si-Fu Richard's Hug-Gar Master, had asked Master Kwok to accept Si-Fu Richards as his student - 'handing him over' whilst in the closing days of his sadly final illness.

Master Chan told Master Kwok that Si-Fu Richards had been the 'Biggest Dai-Si-Hing' under him. Master Kwok accepted Master Chan's wish.

 Si-Fu Richards went thru the Bai-Shi Closed Door ceremony with Master Kwok.


                 Si-Fu Richards with Master Kwok at his Kwoon (1988)


                Si-Fu Richards with Master Kwok After The Indoor Ceremony (1988)


                      Weapons Sparring: Wing-Chun Butterfly Knives

                                Versus Mantis Eyebrow level pole


           Group Photo with Si-Fu Richards and Master Kwok (1988)


                        Master Kwok with Master Chan (1988)


                    Si-Fu Franco Chun (left) with Nick Liu (1975)


                                       Si-Fu Franco Chun (1975)


                        Si-Fu Franco Chun (right) with Nick Liu (1975)