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       "Proclaim the Dharma with a Lion's Roar!"

           Shakyamuni: Siddhartha Gautama; The Buddha


        Om Ah Hum Vajra Simhanada Sangha Hum     

This is the website of the World Indo-Tibetan Martial Arts Council, which represents all traditions of the Simhanada (Lion's Roar) Vajramushti Martial Art, as originated in India and subsequently developed in Tibet, China and the Modern West. 

Membership is open to all authentic Lion's Roar tradition, Sangha and Pai from around the World.

Membership Criteria:

1. All authentic Lion's Roar traditions and branch divisions are recognized equally.

2. The various ethnic, cultural and national practices e.g. Indian, Indo-Tibetan, Tibetan, Chinese and Modern Western are held as equally acceptable vehicles for the transmission of the Lion's Roar martial. art.  Each member Sangha or Pai, is free to express the tradition according to its own lineage and rituals - this right is without prejudice either for or against any part of the tradition, notwithstanding the right of each Sangha or Pai, to express same according to its precepts.  The World Council accepts all traditions and so expresses no corporate favor.

3. Members accept that the World Council is administered by its membership for the benefit of the various traditions and their branches, with the aim of supporting the preservation, development and promotion of the Art.


1. The Council is administered by its members with an annual presidency taken in rotation from each of the member groups.

2. The Council is a non-profit representative body.  On establishment, there is no fee for application, or for membership of the World Council.

3. The Council takes collective decisions on the basis of democratic voting from the representatives of its member groups and will establish a constitution for itself drawn up by the appointed representatives from its constituent groups.

4. The Council may award titles and other formal recognitions according to its constitution.

5. The Council will automatically recognize status conferred on individuals by its member groups.

Applications For Membership:

All applications for membership should be made to the following e-mail address:


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 Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha

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Guru Steve Richards 

UK Simhanada Vajramushti Sangha      

Link: UK Lineage

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Guru's Chris Arnold

USA Simhanada Vajramushti Sangha

 Link: USA Lineage


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Gordon Lynn  

Kamloops Canada: Pak-Hok-Pai          

Contact Thru:


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Great Grandmaster   

Harry Ng-Yim-Ming's Hop-Gar Pai 

Tony Galvin (SF. USA)

Last Disciple of Great Grandmaster Ng. 

Contact thru:


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Si-Fu Terry Wisniewski 

Pak-Hok Pai

Integrated Sino-Tibetan Martial Arts

Contact:  terryw@tcainternet.com 

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Shifu Arnold Buenviaje   

Pak-Hok Pai

Philippine Ling-Ming Martial Arts Association

web site www.geocities.com/lingmingwushu 

and www.lingming.home.ph 

Contact: wushuboxer@yahoo.com

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Si-Fu Colin Viney  

Tibetan Lama Martial arts

Hong-Kong & Australia.

Vice Chairman Lama Martial Art & Athletic Council

(Hong-Kong) under Chairman:

Lama Kung-Fu Grandmaster Lo-Wai-Keung.  

Contact thru: council@lionsroar.name  

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Shifu David Cox   

Bei Xizang Lama Bai He Pai

Northern Tibetan White Crane Style

Shizi Hou Ti Yu Hui: 

Lion's Roar! Athletic Association  

Bradford, Pennsylvania USA

website: www.lionsroar.bravehost.com

e-mail: laohege@hotmail.com 

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Si-Fu John Yip-Chung-Wing 


UK Simhanada

Vajramushti Sangha                            

Hap-Gar Si-Ji-Hao Pai 

Glasgow Scotland UK  

Link: UK Lion's Roar Sangha

e-mail council@lionsroar.name

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Si-Fu Alan Relf  

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

Pak-Hok-Pai (Tibetan White Crane)

Lee Su Pang Lineage      

Contact Thru: council@lionsroar.name

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Tanmoy Chatterjee

Asian Martial Arts Federation

Bombay, India

Contact Thru: council@lionsroar.name

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Charles Da CostaDenmark Danmark National Flag European Union

Tibetan White Crane (Lion's Roar!)



Contact Thru: dacostas@post10.tele.dk

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European Union

Shi-Fu  Fermín Alcántara Castile

Hop-Gar Kung-Fu


Website:  www.hop-gar.net 

Contact Thru: institutohopgar@hotmail.com 

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Si-Fu Ed Laramie     

Si-Fu Tom Haber 

Sherwood Park  Alberta Canada:

Tibetan Pak-Hok-Pai          

Grandmaster Ng-Siu-Chung

through Master Frank Lee-Peng Lineage

Contact Thru: URL: http://www.sillumgungfu.com

Contact email: info@sillumgungfu.com

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Guru/Si-Fu Alessandro Fiorentini

Swiss Simhanada Vajramukti Sangha

Link: Swiss Lineage

email: lionsroarsuisse@gmail.com

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            Om Simhanada Dharma 

                 Yoga-Mukti Hum


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